A band by and for the people

The Benja Men

The Benja Men began as one Benjamin with the purest of songwriting intentions, but has since become more nebulous in size and character.

Step 1: Press Play

Songs to make you go mmmm

Step 2: Meet the Band

The current crew of musical mischief makers

The Benja Men in the recording studio

The Band

We work hard and then we chill hard

Ben writes songs he can't quite play right


Started the band with big dreams of grunge ukulele that quickly died in a squeal of unholy feedback

Sebastian is the brain


The Brain

Founder of legendary label Beeah Music and a beast on the drums

Elisabeth rules the squeezebox


The Spirit

The OG rock and roll squeezebox and singer of sweet vocal harmonies

Tim does stunt guitar


The Brawn

Armed with the tastiest licks, does all the heavy lifting on guitar

Karen holds it all together


The Heart

Rumbles and purrs with rocksteady bass for any occasion

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