Goodbye, Smile Mile

A Musical Adventure for Both Young and Old

Rock Out

In 2013, some very generous supporters crowdfunded our rock opera for listeners both young and old. Thanks to them, we were able to make this weird album in a professional studio--quite the step up from previous recordings.

Goodbye, Smile Mile

When fanatical singer Jolly Joe and his family leave idyllic Smile Mile, he faces the greatest challenge of his life so far: making new friends. Join him for a musical adventure about the heartache of moving, the joy of doing what you love, and the danger of infamous kid-eating bears!

Mach’s gut, Spasstal

Jolly Joe zieht mit seiner Familie in eine andere Stadt. Ihm gefällt sein neues Zuhause aber überhaupt nicht! So beschließt er, sich alleine auf den Weg durch den dunklen Wald zurück nach Spaßtal zu machen. Aber dort lauert ein hässlicher grässlicher Bär...

Text and Music: Ben Arntz
Performed by: The Benja Men
Translation: Katja Schädlich
Artwork: Joel Poischen
Production: Sebastian Arnold
Recording: Tricone Studios, Berlin


If you are a teacher and would like a CD for your class, email Ben for a special rate.

What the People Are Saying

You guys rock. Such a great combination of scary and sweet. It strikes me as the perfect album for children of Decemberists fans.

Lin Harmon, USA

Goodbye, Smile Mile is a delightful sing-a-long, with wonderful characters and a fantastic story.”

James Fair, United Kingdom

“Wir haben es hier mit einer sehr guten Umsetzung der Konzeptalbenidee zu tun. Sicherlich wendet es sich inhaltlich an Kinder, aber auch als Nicht-Kind kann man sehr viel Spaß am Album...haben.”

Die Abenteuer der Tante Pop

These Rockstars Made It Happen

Finally, if it weren’t for these people’s generosity and support, this album would not exist:

Rickee & Bill Arntz, Sherry & John Burr, Joseph & Helen Donahue, Sylvia & Uwe Schädlich, Linda Harmon-Walker, Karin Schelhas, James Fair, Aaron Arntz, Katie Iverson, Emily Burr, Alan McCoy, Jessica Harris-DiStefano, Lauren Choplin, Mary Jill Beasley, Nathanael LeRud, Blaise Nutter, Joseph Hackenjos, Devon Zastrow Newman, Jody Coale, Ariane Greiner, Bea Thalgen, Annette Köhn, Eva Brunner, Sara Ferdi, Aaron Pollock, Debbie Williams, Sean Bury & the Yeti the Dog.

There were some anonymous donors to our crowdfunding campaign who were just as instrumental to getting this project made. If that applies to you, and you want to add your name to the list above, please contact Ben.